T-Bar shirts are 100% cotton made. Colored T-shirt are preferably washed at 30-40 degrees (Notice: Celsius!!!), while white ones can be washed at 50-60 degrees (depending on the usage and how dirty they are).

ATTENTION: All the T-shirts should be washed inside out and in some cases the use of wringer should be avoided!


Prefer the all-time classic way of handing the washout! The drier of your washing machine has the ability-and believe us it really can-to turn your favorite clothes into a T-shirt for your little cousin in Canada who recently had his second birthday…


In order for the stamps to last for a lifetime, do not attempt to iron on them! Always iron the T-shirt on the backside.

Info (Wow!..) if you haven’t discovered the elastic device called iron yet, then you can bring your T-shirt to us and well take on the rest.


Throw away the hangers you bought from the bazaar unless you want the shoulder to lose its shape. Wrap them up and put them in a drawer.

If you follow the preservation instructions from A to T then your T-shirt will live forever!!!

Vinyl colors:

T-Bar logos will be used in the colors of vinyls.

Sizes’ Correspondence:

T-shirt sizes differ according to the production company. Therefore, before choosing one of our T-shirts, you should check the range of sizes from our collection. Sizes are quoted (specified) next to the type of T-shirt. The first number stands for the height and the next one for the width (in cm). E.g.: Regent large (74/56).


T-Bar wanting to differentiate its products’ package from the ordinary bags for clothes, created an unconventional package for the T-shirts. The package has the shape of a fresh milk box and it has been designed upon a humorous creative concept. This new package highlights our desire for new and fresh ideas and displays useful information for the T-shirts’ preservation and storage. Each of you receives his/her own T-shirt within this box and has the ability to make his/her own propositions for a new, clever and original package.

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